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04 Aug 2017
1$('#element').css('display', 'block'); /* Single style */
2$('#element').css({'display': 'block', 'background-color' : '#2ECC40'}); /* Multiple style */ 
22 Sep 2020
1//Set one style attribute
2$('#element').css('display', 'block');
3//Set multiple style attributes
4$('#element').css({'display': 'block', 'background-color' : '#2ECC40'}); /* Multiple style *
07 May 2016
1$('#yourElement').css('display', 'none');
20 Jan 2019
28 Aug 2017
02 Oct 2018
3	const element = $("#element")
4	function update_change_css(field, val)
5	{
6		element.css(field, val)
7	}
12	const element = $("#element")
13	function update_change_css(field, val)
14	{
15		element.css(field, val)
16	}
18	update_change_css("display", "block")
19	update_change_css("background-color", "red")
20	update_change_css("width", "100%")
21	update_change_css("color", "aqua")
26	$('#element').css("property", "property value")
31	$('#element').css("color", "red")
32	$('#element').css("background-color", "blue")
33	$('#element').css("font-size", "30px")
38	const element = $("#element")
39	function update_change_css(val)
40	{
41		element.css("color", val)
42	}
47	const element = $("#element")
48	function update_change_css(val)
49	{
50		element.css("color", val)
51	}
53	update_change_css("black")
54	update_change_css("red")
55	update_change_css("blue")
56	update_change_css("aqua")
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