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27 Apr 2017
1$( "h2" ).insertBefore( $( ".container" ) );
30 Aug 2018
1$('ElementBeforeYouWantToInsert').prepend('<div>the element you want to insert</div>');
07 Aug 2017
1Consider the following HTML:
6<div class="container">
7  <div class="inner">Hello</div>
8  <div class="inner">Goodbye</div>
11You can create content and insert it into several elements at once:
15$( ".inner" ).prepend( "<p>Test</p>" );
17Each <div class="inner"> element gets this new content:
19Html Result:
21<div class="container">
22  <div class="inner">
23    <p>Test</p>
24    Hello
25  </div>
26  <div class="inner">
27    <p>Test</p>
28    Goodbye
29  </div>
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