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30 Nov 2019
2    url:'your url',
3    type: 'POST',  // http method
4    data: { myData: 'This is my data.' },  // data to submit
5    success: function (data, status, xhr) { // after success your get data
6        $('p').append('status: ' + status + ', data: ' + data);
7    },
8    error: function (jqXhr, textStatus, errorMessage) { // if any error come then 
9            $('p').append('Error' + errorMessage);
10    }
13 May 2020
1 $.ajax({
2        url: "Url",
3        dataType: "json",
4        type: "Post",
5        async: true,
6        data: {"Key":value,"Key2":value2},
7        success: function (data) {
9        },
10        error: function (xhr, exception, thrownError) {
11            var msg = "";
12            if (xhr.status === 0) {
13                msg = "Not connect.\n Verify Network.";
14            } else if (xhr.status == 404) {
15                msg = "Requested page not found. [404]";
16            } else if (xhr.status == 500) {
17                msg = "Internal Server Error [500].";
18            } else if (exception === "parsererror") {
19                msg = "Requested JSON parse failed.";
20            } else if (exception === "timeout") {
21                msg = "Time out error.";
22            } else if (exception === "abort") {
23                msg = "Ajax request aborted.";
24            } else {
25                msg = "Error:" + xhr.status + " " + xhr.responseText;
26            }
27            if (callbackError) {
28                callbackError(msg);
29            }
31        }
32    }); 
16 Nov 2019
3    // The URL for the request
4    url: "post.php",
6    // The data to send (will be converted to a query string)
7    data: {
8        id: 123
9    },
11    // Whether this is a POST or GET request
12    type: "GET",
14    // The type of data we expect back
15    dataType : "json",
17  // Code to run if the request succeeds (is done);
18  // The response is passed to the function
19  .done(function( json ) {
20     $( "<h1>" ).text( json.title ).appendTo( "body" );
21     $( "<div class=\"content\">").html( json.html ).appendTo( "body" );
22  })
23  // Code to run if the request fails; the raw request and
24  // status codes are passed to the function
25  .fail(function( xhr, status, errorThrown ) {
26    alert( "Sorry, there was a problem!" );
27    console.log( "Error: " + errorThrown );
28    console.log( "Status: " + status );
29    console.dir( xhr );
30  })
31  // Code to run regardless of success or failure;
32  .always(function( xhr, status ) {
33    alert( "The request is complete!" );
34  });
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