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14 Jun 2019
1var formData = {name:"John", surname:"Doe", age:"31"}; //Array 
4    url : "https://example.com/rest/getData", // Url of backend (can be python, php, etc..)
5    type: "POST", // data type (can be get, post, put, delete)
6    data : formData, // data in json format
7  	async : false, // enable or disable async (optional, but suggested as false if you need to populate data afterwards)
8    success: function(response, textStatus, jqXHR) {
9    	console.log(response);
10    },
11    error: function (jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) {
12		console.log(jqXHR);
13      	console.log(textStatus);
14      	console.log(errorThrown);
15    }
14 Jan 2020
1<script type="text/javascript">
2    function send() {
3        var person = {
4            name: $("#id-name").val(),
5            address:$("#id-address").val(),
6            phone:$("#id-phone").val()
7        }
9        $('#target').html('sending..');
11        $.ajax({
12            url: '/test/PersonSubmit',
13            type: 'post',
14            dataType: 'json',
15            contentType: 'application/json',
16            success: function (data) {
17                $('#target').html(data.msg);
18            },
19            data: JSON.stringify(person)
20        });
21    }
15 May 2017
2   url: 'ajaxfile.php',
3   type: 'post',
4   data: {name:'yogesh',salary: 35000,email: 'yogesh@makitweb.com'},
5   success: function(response){
7   }
05 Sep 2016
2  type: "POST",
3  url: url,
4  data: data,
5  success: success,
6  dataType: dataType
25 Nov 2019
2  method: "POST",
3  url: "some.php",
4  data: { name: "John", location: "Boston" }
08 Apr 2016
1$.post('http://example.com/form.php', {category:'client', type:'premium'}, function(response){ 
2      alert("success");
3      $("#mypar").html(response.amount);
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