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14 Jan 2021
1const elements = ['Sun', 'Earth', 'Moon'];
4// output: "Sun,Earth,Moon"
7// output: "SunEarthMoon"
10// output: "Sun-Earth-Moon"
27 Feb 2018
1//turns array to string
3const elements = ['Fire', 'Air', 'Water'];
6// expected output: "Fire,Air,Water"
9// expected output: "FireAirWater"
12// expected output: "Fire-Air-Water"
27 Aug 2019
1const cities = ['London', 'Paris', 'Tokyo'];
2const joinedCities = cities.join('-');
4console.log(joinedCities); // London-Paris-Tokyo
27 Oct 2020
2  <select multiple class="select-colors">
3    <option>blue</option>
4    <option>green</option>
5  </select>
9  var myColorSelect = $(".select-colors").val().join();
11 console.log(myColorSelect);
28 Aug 2016
1['h', 'e', 'y'].join('')
2// hey
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