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06 Oct 2016
1Using the property together with the element.tagName property to find out which element triggered a specified event:
3<body onclick="myFunction(event)">
4<p>Click on any elements in this document to find out which element triggered the onclick event.</p>
5<h1>This is a heading</h1>
6<button>This is a button</button>
7<p id="demo"></p>
10function myFunction(event) { 
11  var x =;
12  document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = "Triggered by a " + x.tagName + " element";
26 Aug 2019 returns the node that was targeted by the function. 
2This means you can do anything you would do with any other node like one
3you'd get from document.getElementById
01 Jul 2016
1// Make a list
2const ul = document.createElement('ul');
5const li1 = document.createElement('li');
6const li2 = document.createElement('li');
10function hide(evt) {
11  // refers to the clicked <li> element
12  // This is different than e.currentTarget, which would refer to the parent <ul> in this context
13 = 'hidden';
16// Attach the listener to the list
17// It will fire when each <li> is clicked
18ul.addEventListener('click', hide, false);
12 May 2019
1const theTarget =;
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