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30 Sep 2020
1console.log(Math.floor(null));      // 0   
2console.log(Math.floor(undefined)); // NaN 
22 Aug 2019
2// expected output: 5
5// expected output: 5
8// expected output: 5
11// expected output: -6
07 Aug 2018
03 Oct 2019
3result: 1
15 Jan 2016
1// positive
2console.log(Math.floor(7.25));   // 7
3console.log(Math.floor(0.99));   // 0
5// negative
6console.log(Math.floor(-2.1));   // -3
7console.log(Math.floor(-9.5));   // -10
9// objects, strings, functions
10console.log(Math.floor("hello"));                     // NaN
11console.log(Math.floor({name: 'John', age: '25'}));   // NaN
12console.log(Math.floor(console.log));                 // NaN
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