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28 Jul 2020
1String s = "Let's Get This Bread";
3String subString = s.substring(6, 9);
4				// (start index inclusive, end index exclusive)
6// subString == "Get"
11 Apr 2017
2//make me a SubString starting from index 2 to the end of the string!
18 Nov 2017
1class Main {
2  public static void main (String[] args) {
4    String str = "Hello World!";
6    String firstWord = str.substring(0, 5);
7    //two parameters are start and end index: (inclusive, non-inclusive)
9    String secondWord = str.substring(6, 11);
11    //firstWord has string "Hello"
12    //secondWord has string "World"
13  }
14 Jan 2020
1class scratch{
2    public static void main(String[] args) {
3        String hey = "Hello World";
4        System.out.println( hey.substring(0, 5) );
5        // prints Hello;
6    }
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