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25 Apr 2020
1public class Main {
2  public static void main(String args[]) {
3    SayHi();
5    int sum = AddNums(5, 6);
6    System.out.println(sum);
7  }
9  public static void SayHi() { //This method has no return value
10    System.out.println("Hi!");
11  }
13  public static int AddNums(int a, int b) { //This method has a return value
14    return a + b;
25 Aug 2017
1//declare a function like this:
2void function(int parameter1)
4	//function body
6//call the function like this:
05 Oct 2018
1public class MyClass {
2  static int myMethod(int x) {
3    return 5 + x;
4  }
6  public static void main(String[] args) {
7    System.out.println(myMethod(3));
8  }
10// Returns 8
14 Feb 2017
1A method in java is a group of statements to carry out some operation also 
2known as functions.
19 May 2019
1Method is a collection of statements
2which returns a value upon its execution
3Method have a return and the method's name may or not be same as the class
5Method is invoked explicitly.
6Method is not provided by compiler in any case.
7Methods are inherited by child classes.
18 Mar 2020
1Method is a collection of statements
2which returns a value upon its execution.
3  Method have a return and the method's name may or not be same as the class
5Method is invoked explicitly.
6Method is not provided by compiler in any case.
7Methods are inherited by child classes.
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