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02 Feb 2018
1An instanceof in Java is a comparison operator which, given an object instance, 
2checks whether that instance is of a specified type (class/sub-class/interface) 
3or not. Just like other comparison operators, it returns true or false.
5Comparing any object instance with a null type through instanceof operator 
6returns a false.
8Instanceof operator is used to test the object is of which type.
10Syntax : <reference expression> instanceof <destination type>
11Instanceof returns true if reference expression is subtype of destination type.
12Instanceof returns false if reference expression is null.
30 Jun 2017
1The instanceof operator tests to see if the prototype property of a constructor 
2appears anywhere in the prototype chain of an object. The return value is a 
3boolean value.
4For example :-
6function Car(make, model, year) {
7  this.make = make;
8  this.model = model;
9  this.year = year;
11const auto = new Car('Honda', 'Accord', 1998);
13console.log(auto instanceof Car);
14// expected output: true
16console.log(auto instanceof Object);
17// expected output: true
26 Jul 2019
1The instanceof keyword checks whether an object
2is an instance of a specific class or an interface.
3The instanceof keyword compares the
4instance with type. The return value
5is either true or false .
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