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12 Jun 2020
1#please check the python version
2python -m pip install Django
15 Oct 2020
1# install django (basic, if path is not set yet)
2py -m pip install django
3# or set PATH to use pip:
4setx PATH "%PATH%;C:\<path\to\python\directory\>\Scripts"
5pip install django
6# if "connection error: [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed" [!]:
7py -m pip install --trusted-host pip django
8# if PermissionError: [WinError 5] Access is denied
9py -m pip install --user django
10# or via creating a virtual environment venv:
11py -m venv c:\path\to\new\environment
12# then execute:
24 Nov 2019
3Application Case: app
51 - Download and install python
72 - Create a dirctory in drive C for your python project
93 - Open Windows Command Prompt
114 - Navigate and change directory to your python project folder
135 - Then Type the below commands, press enter key after each command;
14    c:\>py -m venv env
15    c:\>env\Scripts\activate
176 - After typing the commands, the prompt will to the below with (env) in front of c:\
18    (env) C:\python-django>
207 - Then type the below command
21    (env) C:\python-django>pip install django
238 - After django has finsihed insalling, type the below command to start a new project
24    (env) C:\python-django>django-admin startproject hotmessages
269 - Change directory to project folder as below
27    (env) C:\python-django>cd hotmessages
2910 - Then type the below command
30    (env) C:\python-django>python migrate
3210 - Create a super user the controls main login
33    (env) C:\python-django>python createsuperuser
3511 - Provide your username and password to proceed
3712 - Run python server to see your application
38    (env) C:\python-django>python runserver
4013 - Check Application running via, type this link on your browser
4214 - Check the Admin Section via, type this link on your browser
4415 - Create your app by typing the code below
45    (env) C:\python-django>python startapp hotmessages_app
47*Important things to do
48(1) Ensure your add your app directory name in the settings folder as below
50    'django.contrib.admin',
51    'django.contrib.auth',
52    'django.contrib.contenttypes',
53    'django.contrib.sessions',
54    'django.contrib.messages',
55    'django.contrib.staticfiles',
56    'my_new_app',
59 Hope this helps
60 From;
62 - Atsu Emmanuel
07 Apr 2016
1sudo pip3 install django
09 Oct 2020
1$ python -m pip install Django
31 Feb 2016
1django-admin startproject mysite
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