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05 Aug 2016
1<script src=""></script>
2<script src=""></script>
3<link href="" rel="stylesheet"/>
5<form action="" method="post">
6  <select data-placeholder="Begin typing a name to filter..." multiple class="chosen-select" name="test">
7    <option value=""></option>
8    <option>American Black Bear</option>
9    <option>Asiatic Black Bear</option>
10    <option>Brown Bear</option>
11    <option>Giant Panda</option>
12    <option>Sloth Bear</option>
13    <option>Sun Bear</option>
14    <option>Polar Bear</option>
15    <option>Spectacled Bear</option>
16  </select>
17  <input type="submit">
19 Nov 2020
1  function getSelectValues(select) {
2  var result = [];
3  var options = select && select.options;
4  var opt;
6  for (var i=0, iLen=options.length; i<iLen; i++) {
7    opt = options[i];
9    if (opt.selected) {
10      result.push(opt.value || opt.text);
11    }
12  }
13  return result;
19 Jan 2018
1in_array($value, $array)
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