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17 Apr 2020
1<!DOCTYPE html>
4<title>Page Title</title>
8<h1>This is a Heading</h1>
9<p>This is a paragraph.</p>
01 Aug 2019
1<!DOCTYPE html> <!-- Start of coding page -->
2<html> <!-- Start of html coding -->
3  <head> <!-- Start of head -->
4    <title>TITLE</title> <!-- Title -->
5    <script>
6      //JavaScript
7    </script>
8    <style>
9      /* CSS */
10    </style>
11  </head> <!-- End of head -->
12  <body> <!-- Start of body -->
13    <h1>Hello!</h1>
14  </body> <!-- End of body -->
15</html> <!-- End of html coding -->
01 Sep 2017
1<!-- This is a full html and css page on how to create a basic webpage -->
3<!DOCTYPE html>
7<title>My Graphics Page</title>
8<link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" />
13<h1>Header text</h1>
17<h1>Nav text</h1>
21<h1>Main text</h1>
25<h1>Aside text</h1>
29<h1>Footer text</h1>
35<!-- css page called 'style.css' -->
37	background-color: orange;
38	width: 100%;
39	height: 150px;
40	text-align: center;
44	background-color: lime;
45	width: 24%;
46	height: 400px;
47	float: left;
48	text-align: center;
49	margin-right: 1%;
53	background-color: yellow;
54	width: 50%;
55	height: 400px;
56	text-align: center;
57	float: left;
61	width: 24%;
62	background-color: lightblue;
63	height: 400px;
64	float: right;
65	text-align: center;
66	margin-left: 1%;
70	background-color: pink;
71	width: 100%;
72	height: 150px;
73	text-align: center;
74	clear: both;
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