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10 Aug 2018
1import React, {useRef, useEffect} from "react";
3export default function (props) {
4  // Initialized a hook to hold the reference to the title div.
5  const titleRef = useRef();
7  useEffect(function () {
8    setTimeout(() => {
9      titleRef.current.textContent = "Updated Text"
10    }, 2000); // Update the content of the element after 2seconds 
11  }, []);
13  return <div className="container">
14    {/** The reference to the element happens here **/ }
15    <div className="title" ref={titleRef}>Original title</div>
16  </div>
25 Feb 2017
1import React, { useRef } from 'react';
3function TextInputWithFocusButton() {
4  const inputEl = useRef(null);
5  const onButtonClick = () => {
6    // `current` points to the mounted text input element
7    inputEl.current.focus();
8  };
9  return (
10    <>
11      <input ref={inputEl} type="text" />
12      <button onClick={onButtonClick}>Focus the input</button>
13    </>
14  );
17 Nov 2018
1import React, { useEffect, useRef } from 'react';
3const fooComponent = props => {
4	const inputBtnRef = useRef(null);
5  	useEffect(() => {
6      //Add the ref action here
7      inputBtnRef.current.focus();
8    });
10  	return (
11      <div>
12        <input
13          type="text"
14          ref={inputBtnRef} 
15		/>
16      </div>
17    );
17 Sep 2017
1function TextInputWithFocusButton() {
2  const inputEl = useRef(null);
3  const onButtonClick = () => {
4    // `current` points to the mounted text input element
5    inputEl.current.focus();
6  };
7  return (
8    <>
9      <input ref={inputEl} type="text" />
10      <button onClick={onButtonClick}>Focus the input</button>
11    </>
12  );
21 Jan 2020
1const refContainer = useRef(initialValue);
2//useRef returns a mutable ref object whose .current property is initialized to the passed argument (initialValue). 
3//The returned object will persist for the full lifetime of the component.
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