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02 Aug 2016
1import time
2import sys
4done = 'false'
5#here is the animation
6def animate():
7    while done == 'false':
8        sys.stdout.write('\rloading |')
9        time.sleep(0.1)
10        sys.stdout.write('\rloading /')
11        time.sleep(0.1)
12        sys.stdout.write('\rloading -')
13        time.sleep(0.1)
14        sys.stdout.write('\rloading \\')
15        time.sleep(0.1)
16    sys.stdout.write('\rDone!     ')
19#long process here
20done = 'false'
13 Apr 2016
1#pip install os
2#pip install time
3#pip install colorama
4#pip install tqdm
5import os
6from tqdm import tqdm 
7from colorama import Fore, Back, Style 
8import time
10for i in tqdm (range (101),  
11               desc=Fore.GREEN + "Loading. . .",  
12               ascii=False, ncols=75): 
13    time.sleep(0.01)       
15#the Fore.GREEN adds colour to the loading bar
16print(Fore.GREEN + "Complete. . .") 
18#this will clear the terminal
19os.system('cls' if == 'nt' else 'clear')
28 Jan 2017
1from tqdm import tqdm
2for i in tqdm(range(0,int(10E6))):
3  continue
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