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20 May 2017
1#include <stdio.h>
2int main()
4	printf("Hello World");
5    return 0; 
24 Jan 2020
1print("Hello World")
23 Jan 2020
1#include <stdio.h>
3int main(void)
5	printf("Hello, World!!!");
06 Feb 2017
1/*Printing Hello World in C Programming*/
2#include <stdio.h>
3int main(){ //C unlike other languages must have atleast one function, the main function.
5	printf("Hello World"); //printf is defined in stdio.h, displays the output on the screen
6    return 0;
10 Feb 2020
1#include <stdio.h>
2int main(){
3  printf("hello world");
4  return 0;
15 Feb 2018
1#include <stdio.h>
2#include <stdint.h>
4void  main(){
5    uint64_t dx = 0x357620655410;
6    while(dx) putchar(0x726F6C6564574820 >> (((dx>>=4) & 0377 ) << 3 ));
7    return ;
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