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26 Oct 2018
2// This will just redirect you to example.com
3header("Location: https://example.com");  
03 Jan 2021
2  header('Location: http://www.aaaa/index.php');
3  exit();		// useless to let script running
7  // permanent redirection (default is 302, 303 for most robots)
8  header('Location: http://www.aaaa/index.php', true, 301);
9  exit();		// useless to let script running
12// or a meta in html header (if html generation is initiated) 
14	<meta http-equiv="Location" content="http://www.aaaa/index.php">
16// or waits 15s before redirection
18  	<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="15;URL=http://www.aaaa/index.php">
21// or via javascript
23	window.location.replace('http://www.aaaa/index.php');
23 Jul 2016
2// This will just redirect you to example.com
3$url = "https://example.com";
4header("Location: $url");  
05 Aug 2018
3	This will redirect  to facebook.com
5$url = "https://facebook.com.com";
6header("Location: $url");  
20 Oct 2017
4/* This will give an error. Note the output
5 * above, which is before the header() call */
6header('Location: http://www.example.com/');
17 Feb 2016
2// Redirect to mywebsite.com
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