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19 Jan 2020
1string = "Countries"
14 Jul 2017
1# Hash Function 
2# SHA hash algorithms. 
4import hashlib 
6# initializing string 
7str = "TYCS"
9# encoding TYCS using encode() 
10# then sending to SHA1() 
11result = hashlib.sha1(str.encode()) 
13# printing the equivalent hexadecimal value. 
14print("The hexadecimal equivalent of SHA1 is : ") 
17# encoding TYCS using encode() 
18# then sending to SHA224() 
19result = hashlib.sha224(str.encode()) 
21# printing the equivalent hexadecimal value. 
22print("The hexadecimal equivalent of SHA224 is : ") 
25# encoding TYCS using encode() 
26# then sending to SHA256() 
27result = hashlib.sha256(str.encode()) 
29# printing the equivalent hexadecimal value. 
30print("The hexadecimal equivalent of SHA256 is : ") 
33# initializing string 
34str = "TYCS"
36# encoding TYCS using encode() 
37# then sending to SHA384() 
38result = hashlib.sha384(str.encode()) 
40# printing the equivalent hexadecimal value. 
41print("The hexadecimal equivalent of SHA384 is : ") 
44# initializing string 
45str = "TYCS" 
47# initializing string 
48str = "TYCS"
50# encoding TYCS using encode() 
51# then sending to SHA512() 
52result = hashlib.sha512(str.encode()) 
54# printing the equivalent hexadecimal value. 
55print("The hexadecimal equivalent of SHA512 is : ") 
25 Oct 2018
1#Make a varible called score
2#Make inputs
3#Make answers and update scores
4#Show total score at the end
6q1=(input("What is 1+1? : "))
7if q1 == "2" :
8  print ("CORRECT")
9  score=(score+1)
11  print ("INCORRECT")
12q2=(input("""The capital city of England is...
18Enter your answer: """))
19if q2 == "b" :
20  print ("CORRECT")
21  score=(score+1)
23  print ("INCORRECT")
25if q3 == "3.5":
26  print ("CORRECT")
27  score=(score+1)
29  print ("INCORRECT")
30print ("You got", score, "out of 3!!!")
23 Jan 2018
1# In python they are called dictionarys 
2dict = {'Name': 'Zara', 'Age': 7, 'Class': 'First'}
4name = dict["Name"] # Zara
26 Feb 2017
1# hash for integer unchanged
2print('Hash for 181 is:', hash(181))
3# hash for decimal
4print('Hash for 181.23 is:',hash(181.23))
5# hash for string
6print('Hash for Python is:', hash('Python'))
18 Jan 2019
1Hashing implementation at this link:
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