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27 Apr 2019
1function* idMaker() {
2  var index = 0;
3  while (true)
4    yield index++;
7var gen = idMaker();
9console.log(; // 0
10console.log(; // 1
11console.log(; // 2
12console.log(; // 3
13// ...
13 Jun 2017
1function* g(){    //or function *g(){}
2  console.log("First");
3  yield 1;
4  console.log("second");
5   yield 2;
6  console.log("third");
8let generator=g();;;
06 Jan 2017
1function* name([param[, param[, ... param]]]) {
2   statements
05 Sep 2016
1function* makeRangeIterator(start = 0, end = 100, step = 1) {
2    let iterationCount = 0;
3    for (let i = start; i < end; i += step) {
4        iterationCount++;
5        yield i;
6    }
7    return iterationCount;
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