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31 Nov 2019
1printf("%0k.yf" float_variable_name)
3Here k is the total number of characters you want to get printed. k = x + 1 + y (+ 1 for the dot) and float_variable_name is the float variable that you want to get printed.
5Suppose you want to print x digits before the decimal point and y digits after it. Now, if the number of digits before float_variable_name is less than x, then it will automatically prepend that many zeroes before it.
03 Sep 2020
1it is used during taking input and out put
3Int ("%d"): 
4Long ("%ld"):
5Char ("%c"): 
6Float ("%f"): 
7Double ("%lf")
11char ch = 'd';
12double d = 234.432;
13printf("%c %lf", ch, d);
15char ch;
16double d;
17scanf("%c %lf", &ch, &d);
13 May 2020
1%lf you can try
19 Sep 2017
1follow this for best answer with example: 
06 Oct 2018
1/* printf example in C */
2#include <stdio.h>
4int main()
6   printf ("Characters: %c %c \n", 'a', 65);
7   printf ("Decimals: %d %ld\n", 1977, 650000L);
8   printf ("Preceding with blanks: %10d \n", 1977);
9   printf ("Preceding with zeros: %010d \n", 1977);
10   printf ("Some different radices: %d %x %o %#x %#o \n", 100, 100, 100, 100, 100);
11   printf ("floats: %4.2f %+.0e %E \n", 3.1416, 3.1416, 3.1416);
12   printf ("Width trick: %*d \n", 5, 10);
13   printf ("%s \n", "A string");
15   return 0;
21Characters: a A
22Decimals: 1977 650000
23Preceding with blanks:       1977
24Preceding with zeros: 0000001977
25Some different radices: 100 64 144 0x64 0144
26floats: 3.14 +3e+000 3.141600E+000
27Width trick:    10
28A string
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