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15 Nov 2018
1ngOnInit() {
2  this.booksByStoreID = this.books.filter(
3          book => book.store_id ===;
13 Mar 2018
2  {people.filter(person => 
3    person.age < 60).map(filteredPerson => (
4    <li>
5      {}
6    </li>
7  ))}
01 Jul 2017
1const object = {
2  firstAttribute: 'firstValue',
3  secondAttribute: 'secondValue'
6objectList.filter(o -> o.firstAttribute === 'firstValue'); 
25 Oct 2018
1var numbers = [1, 3, 6, 8, 11];
3var lucky = numbers.filter(function(number) {
4  return number > 7;
7// [ 8, 11 ]
07 Nov 2020
2let greaterTen = numbers.filter(number => { number > 10 });
3console.log(greaterTen); // []
5// with return
6let greaterTen = numbers.filter(number => number > 10 ); // return implicito
7console.log(greaterTen); // [23, 12, 45, 78, 11, 10.1, 84]
9// ES5
10var greaterTen = numbers.filter(function(){ 
11  number > 10 
13console.log(greaterTen); // []
15// with return
16var greaterTen = numbers.filter(function(){ 
17  return number > 10 
19console.log(greaterTen);  // [23, 12, 45, 78, 11, 10.1, 84]
06 Jul 2018
1this.booksByStoreID = this.books.filter(book => book.store_id ===;
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