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08 Mar 2020
1function ConstructorFunction() {
2   this.someProp1 = "1";
3   this.someProp2 = "2";
5ConstructorFunction.prototype.someMethod = function() { /* whatever */ };
7function factoryFunction() {
8   var obj = {
9      someProp1 : "1",
10      someProp2 : "2",
11      someMethod: function() { /* whatever */ }
12   };
13   // other code to manipulate obj in some way here
14   return obj;
17 Nov 2017
1// constructor
2function ConstructorCar () {} = function () {
4  console.log('Vroom!');
7const car2 = new ConstructorCar();
10// factory
11const proto = {
12  drive () {
13    console.log('Vroom!');
14  }
17const factoryCar = () => Object.create(proto);
18const car3 = factoryCar();
21// class
22class ClassCar {
23  drive () {
24    console.log('Vroom!');
25  }
27const car1 = new ClassCar();
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