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23 Jun 2020
1const json2csv = require('json2csv').parse;
3//For unique file name
4const dateTime = new Date().toISOString().slice(-24).replace(/\D/g, 
5'').slice(0, 14); 
7const filePath = path.join(__dirname, "../../../", "public", "exports", "csv-" + dateTime + ".csv");
9let csv; 
11const student = await req.db.collection('Student').find({}).toArray();
13// Logging student
14// [{id:1,name:"John",country:"USA"},{id:1,name:"Ronny",country:"Germany"}]
16const fields = ['id','name','country'];
18 try {
19        csv = json2csv(booking_info, {fields});
20    } catch (err) {
21        return res.status(500).json({err});
22    }
24 fs.writeFile(filePath, csv, function (err) {
25        if (err) {
26            return res.json(err).status(500);
27        }
28        else {
29            setTimeout(function () {
30                fs.unlink(filePath, function (err) { // delete this file after 30 seconds
31                if (err) {
32                    console.error(err);
33                }
34                console.log('File has been Deleted');
35            });
37        }, 30000);
38  ;
39        }
40    })
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