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17 Feb 2019
1const baseString = 'konrad';
2const encodedString = window.btoa( baseString ); // "a29ucmFk"
3const decodedString = window.atob( encodedString ); //konrad
12 Jan 2020
1const Cryptr = require('cryptr');
2const cryptr = new Cryptr('ReallySecretKey');
4const encryptedString = cryptr.encrypt('Popcorn');
5const decryptedString = cryptr.decrypt(encryptedString);
24 Sep 2018
1function getMessageEncoding() {
2  const messageBox = document.querySelector(".rsa-oaep #message");
3  let message = messageBox.value;
4  let enc = new TextEncoder();
5  return enc.encode(message);
8function encryptMessage(publicKey) {
9  let encoded = getMessageEncoding();
10  return window.crypto.subtle.encrypt(
11    {
12      name: "RSA-OAEP"
13    },
14    publicKey,
15    encoded
16  );
12 Aug 2016
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