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17 Oct 2016
2  echo "Hello World!";
3// You can also do this with a variable:
4$YourVariable = "Hello World!";
5echo $YourVariable;
22 Jan 2017
2  echo "your text";
23 May 2016
2$string = "Hello, World!";
3echo $string;
22 Jan 2017
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41. echo Statement
5* we can write echo statement with parenthesis like 'echo()' or without parenthesis 'echo'.
6* In the echo we can pass multiple variable in comma separated form to see the output like 'echo $a,$b,$c;'
7* echo doesn’t return any value
8* echo is faster then print
102. Print Statement
11* we can write print statement with parenthesis like 'print()' or without parenthesis 'print'.
12* In the print we can not pass multiple variable in comma separated form like echo.
13* print statement always returns 1.
14* print is slower than echo
15 Oct 2018
11 Jan 2021
1<?php echo 'Je suis colorié par highlightJS !' ?>
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