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18 Sep 2018
1if (member.hasPermission('KICK_MEMBERS')) {
2	console.log('This member can kick');
5if (member.hasPermission(['KICK_MEMBERS', 'BAN_MEMBERS'])) {
6	console.log('This member can kick and ban');
9if (member.hasPermission('KICK_MEMBERS', { checkAdmin: false, checkOwner: false })) {
10	console.log('This member can kick without allowing admin to override');
04 Apr 2019
1let role = message.guild.roles.find(r => r.name === "Role Name");
14 Sep 2020
1message.guild.channels.cache.forEach(ch => 
3if(ch.type == "text")
4  ch.overwritePermissions([
5  {
6     id: muteRole.id,
7     deny: ['SEND_MESSAGES'],
8  },
9], 'Needed to change permissions');
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