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Juan Pablo
29 Mar 2019
1//css keyframes
3	  width: 100px;
4	  height: 100px;
5	  background-color: red;
6	  position: relative;
7	  animation: monFrame 5s linear 2s infinite alternate;
9	}
10	@keyframes monFrame {
11	  0%   {left:0px; top:0px;}
12	  25%  {left:500px; top:0px;}
13	  50%  {left:500px; top:500px;}
14	  75%  {left:0px; top:500px;}
15	  100% {left:0px; top:0px;}
16     } 
18 Nov 2017
1@keyframes mymove {
2  from {top: 0px;}
3  to {top: 200px;}
01 Apr 2017
1<!DOCTYPE html>
5div {
6  width: 100px;
7  height: 100px;
8  background-color: red;
9  position: relative;
10  animation: myfirst 5s linear 2s infinite alternate;
12@keyframes myfirst {
13  0%   {background-color:red; left:0px; top:0px;}
14  25%  {background-color:yellow; left:200px; top:0px;}
15  50%  {background-color:blue; left:200px; top:200px;}
16  75%  {background-color:green; left:0px; top:200px;}
17  100% {background-color:red; left:0px; top:0px;}
23<p><b>Note:</b> This example does not work in Internet Explorer 9 and earlier versions.</p>
25<div><p>you can add text in this box or anithing else like a pictrue</p></div>
01 Apr 2020
1@keyframes mymove {
2  0% {top: 0px;}
3  50% {top: 50px;}
4  75% {top: 40px;}
5  100%{top: 0px;}
14 Sep 2018
3  #ball {
4    width: 100px;
5    height: 100px;
6    margin: 50px auto;
7    position: relative;
8    border-radius: 50%;
9    background: linear-gradient(
10      35deg,
11      #ccffff,
12      #ffcccc
13    );
14    /*"Call" the animation "function" */
15    animation-name: bounce;
16    animation-duration: 1s;
17    animation-iteration-count: infinite;
18    animation-delay: 2s;
19    /* Normal, reverse, alternate(between the fwd and back) 
20    and alternate-reverse */
21    animation-direction: reverse; 
22    /* Ease is deafault, use cubic-bezier(n,n,n,n) for custom */
23    animation-timing-function: linear; 
25    /* if you want something to display from hidden
26       set the opacity to 0 and in the keyframe steps bring
27   	   the opacity to 1 gradually to stop it flashing */
28  }
30  /* The animation "bounce" */
31  @keyframes bounce{
32    /* start */
33    0% {
34      top: 0px;
35    }
36    /* step (you can add multiple incremental steps from 1-100) */
37    50% {
38      top: 249px;
39      width: 130px;
40      height: 90px;
41    }
42    /* end (you can count down from 100 to 0 too) */
43    100% {
44      top: 0px;
45    }
46  }
49<div id="ball"></div>
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