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Ana Sofia
13 Feb 2018
1/* limited support (Q1/2021: Firefox, Chrome, Safari) */
4  display: flex;
5  gap: 5px;
8/* broad support */
11  margin: 5px;
12  /* and/or */
13  padding: 5px;
01 Jun 2017
1justify-content: space-between;
17 Feb 2018
1.flex-gap {
2  display: inline-flex;
3  flex-wrap: wrap;
6.flex-gap > div {
7  margin: 6px; /* HERE WE ADD THE SPACE */
30 Jan 2017
3  margin:30px;
4  display:flex;
5  flex-direction:row;
6  width:300px;
7  height:80px;
8  border:1px red solid;
10  padding:5px; /* this */
13.upper > div
15  flex:1 1 auto;
16  border:1px red solid;
17  text-align:center;
19  margin:5px;  /* and that, will result in a 10px gap */
22.upper.mc /* multicol test */
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