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29 Mar 2016
1fs.writeFile('<fileName>',<contenet>, callbackFunction)
12 Jan 2020
2// Requiring fs module in which 
3// writeFile function is defined. 
4const fs = require('fs') 
6// Data which will write in a file. 
7let data = "Learning how to write in a file."
9// Write data in 'Output.txt' . 
10fs.writeFile('Output.txt', data, (err) => { 
12    // In case of a error throw err. 
13    if (err) throw err; 
03 Sep 2018
1  var imagePath = path.join('/images/logo.png', 'logo.png');
3  if (fs.statSync(imagePath)) {
4     var bitmap = fs.readFileSync(imagePath);
5     var bufferImage = new Buffer(bitmap);
7     Magic = mmm.Magic;
8     var magic = new Magic(mmm.MAGIC_MIME_TYPE);
9     magic.detectFile(imagePath, function(err, result) {
10          if (err) throw err;
11          datas = [{"buffer": bufferImage, "mimetype": result, "originalname": path.basename(imagePath)}];
12          var JsonDatas= JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(datas));
13          log.notice(JsonDatas);
14     });
15 }
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