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19 Apr 2016
1multiplyfunc = (a, b) => { return a * b; }
28 Aug 2019
1export const loadUser = () => (dispatch, getState) => {
2  if (!getState().auth.token) {
3    dispatch({ type: LOGIN_FAIL });
4    return;
5  }
7  // User Loading
8  dispatch({ type: USER_LOADING });
10  axios
11    .get('/api/auth/user', tokenConfig(getState))
12    .then(res => {
13      dispatch({
14        type: USER_LOADED,
15        payload:,
16      });
17    })
18    .catch(err => {
19      console.warn(`Error returned: ${err}.`);
21      dispatch({
22        type: AUTH_ERROR,
23      });
24    });
25 Nov 2017
1return fns.reduce((a, b) => (...args) => a(b(...args)));
28 Mar 2020
1const Home: React.FC<Person> = (person) => {
2    useEffect(() => {
3    }, []);
4    return (
5        <>
6            <div>
7                <h3>{}</h3>
8                <h3>{person.idCard}</h3>
9            </div>
10        </>
11    );
30 May 2016
1return fns.reduce((a, b) => (...args) => a(b(...args)));
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