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15 Nov 2016
1class Info {
2  private name: string ;
3  constructor(n:string){
4 = n ;
5  };
6  describe(){
7    console.log(`Your name is  ${}`);
8  }
11const a = new Info('joyous');
15 Apr 2020
1class Car { 
2   //field 
3   engine:string; 
5   //constructor 
6   constructor(engine:string) { 
7      this.engine = engine 
8   }  
10   //function 
11   disp():void { 
12      console.log("Engine is  :   "+this.engine) 
13   } 
01 Apr 2020
1class Animal {
2  move(distanceInMeters: number = 0) {
3    console.log(`Animal moved ${distanceInMeters}m.`);
4  }
7class Dog extends Animal {
8  bark() {
9    console.log("Woof! Woof!");
10  }
13const dog = new Dog();
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