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17 Jun 2020
1  useEffect(() => {
2    return () => {
3      console.log("cleaned up");
4    };
5  }, []);
11 Oct 2018
1useEffect( () => console.log("mount"), [] );
2useEffect( () => console.log("will update data1"), [ data1 ] );
3useEffect( () => console.log("will update any") );
4useEffect( () => () => console.log("will update data1 or unmount"), [ data1 ] );
5useEffect( () => () => console.log("unmount"), [] );
06 Jan 2020
1  useEffect(() => {
2    return () => {
3      console.log("cleaning up --> unmount ");
4    };
5  }, []);
17 Oct 2017
1  useEffect(() => {
2	//your code goes here
3    return () => {
4      //your cleanup code codes here
5    };
6  },[]);
30 Jul 2016
1import React, { useEffect } from 'react';
3export const App: React.FC = () => {
5  useEffect(() => {
7  }, [/*Here can enter some value to call again the content inside useEffect*/])
9  return (
10    <div>Use Effect!</div>
11  );
22 Nov 2020
1import React, { useEffect, useState } from 'react';
2import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
4function LifecycleDemo() {
5  // It takes a function
6  useEffect(() => {
7    // This gets called after every render, by default
8    // (the first one, and every one after that)
9    console.log('render!');
11    // If you want to implement componentWillUnmount,
12    // return a function from here, and React will call
13    // it prior to unmounting.
14    return () => console.log('unmounting...');
15  }, [ // dependencies to watch = leave blank to run once or you will get a stack overflow  ]);
17  return "I'm a lifecycle demo";
20function App() {
21  // Set up a piece of state, just so that we have
22  // a way to trigger a re-render.
23  const [random, setRandom] = useState(Math.random());
25  // Set up another piece of state to keep track of
26  // whether the LifecycleDemo is shown or hidden
27  const [mounted, setMounted] = useState(true);
29  // This function will change the random number,
30  // and trigger a re-render (in the console,
31  // you'll see a "render!" from LifecycleDemo)
32  const reRender = () => setRandom(Math.random());
34  // This function will unmount and re-mount the
35  // LifecycleDemo, so you can see its cleanup function
36  // being called.
37  const toggle = () => setMounted(!mounted);
39  return (
40    <>
41      <button onClick={reRender}>Re-render</button>
42      <button onClick={toggle}>Show/Hide LifecycleDemo</button>
43      {mounted && <LifecycleDemo/>}
44    </>
45  );
48ReactDOM.render(<App/>, document.querySelector('#root'));
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