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23 Aug 2019
1// closure in javascript
2-> A closure gives you access to an outer functions scope
3   from an inner function
5const outerFun = (a) => {
6  let b = 10;
7  // inner func can use variable/parameter of outer funcion
8  const innerFun = () => {
9    let sum = a + b; 
10    console.log(sum);
11  }
12  return innerFun;
14let inner = outerFun(5);
13 Jun 2019
1function makeFunc() {
2  var name = 'Mozilla';
3  function displayName() {
4    alert(name);
5  }
6  return displayName;
9var myFunc = makeFunc();
02 Oct 2020
1function OuterFunction() {
3    var outerVariable = 1;
5    function InnerFunction() {
6        alert(outerVariable);
7    }
9    InnerFunction();
16 May 2018
1var counter = (function() {
2  var privateCounter = 0;
3  function changeBy(val) {
4    privateCounter += val;
5  }
6  return {
7    increment: function() {
8      changeBy(1);
9    },
10    decrement: function() {
11      changeBy(-1);
12    },
13    value: function() {
14      return privateCounter;
15    }
16  };
19console.log(counter.value()); // logs 0
22console.log(counter.value()); // logs 2
24console.log(counter.value()); // logs 1
07 Jun 2016
1A closure is a function bundeled together with its lexical scope
03 Jan 2019
1What is the closure in JavaScript?
2ans:The Closure is a function with some remember values
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