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01 May 2018
1# For Linux, but it is similar for Windows
2# First make sure first that you have chrome browser installed on your system.
4# a simple way to get the driver is: 
5sudo apt-get install chromium-chromedriver
6# this will download 75MB of files.
8# another way is:
91. Download the lastest version of driver from:
10 # only 5-7MB
112. Unzip the file.
123. Paste the file in /usr/local/bin using this command:
13  sudo mv chromedriver /usr/local/bin # this makes sure that the directory is in your PATH variable.
144. Make your file executable:
15  sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/chromedriver
17Now you can use this in python:
18  >>from selenium import webdriver
19  >>browser = webdriver.Chrome()
20  # it will work fine
27 Apr 2017
1# coding=utf-8
2from selenium import webdriver
4driver = webdriver.Chrome()
03 Jan 2020
1import timefrom selenium import webdriverdriver = webdriver.Chrome('/path/to/chromedriver')  # Optional argument, if not specified will search path.driver.get('');time.sleep(5) # Let the user actually see something!search_box = driver.find_element_by_name('q')search_box.send_keys('ChromeDriver')search_box.submit()time.sleep(5) # Let the user actually see something!driver.quit()
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