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02 Nov 2017
1function caseInSwitch(val) {
2  var answer = "";
3  // Only change code below this line
4switch(val) {
5  case 1:
6    answer = "alpha";
7    console.log(answer);
8    break;
9  case 2:
10    answer = "beta";
11    break;
12  case 3:
13    answer = "gamma";
14    break;
15  case 4:
16    answer = "delta";
17    break;
21  // Only change code above this line
22  return answer;
18 May 2016
1function getLetter(s) {
2  let letter;
3  // Write your code here
4  switch (true) {
5    case "aeiou".includes(s[0]):
6      letter = "A";
7      break;
8    case "bcdefg".includes(s[0]):
9      letter = "B";
10      break;
11    case "hijklm".includes(s[0]):
12      letter = "C";
13      break;
14    case "nopqrstuvwxyz".includes(s[0]):
15      letter = "D";
16      break;
17  }
18  return letter;
14 May 2020
1switch (expression) {
2  case value1:
3    //Statements executed when the
4    //result of expression matches value1
5    [break;]
6  case value2:
7    //Statements executed when the
8    //result of expression matches value2
9    [break;]
10  ...
11  case valueN:
12    //Statements executed when the
13    //result of expression matches valueN
14    [break;]
15  [default:
16    //Statements executed when none of
17    //the values match the value of the expression
18    [break;]]
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