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Diego Alejandro
30 Apr 2016
1$(document).ready(function() {
2  $("button").mouseover(function() {
3    var p = $("p#44.test").css("background-color", "yellow");
4    p.hide(1500).show(1500);
5    p.queue(function() {
6      p.css("background-color", "red");
7    });
8  });
22 Aug 2017
1$('#element').css('display', 'block'); /* Single style */
2$('#element').css({'display': 'block', 'background-color' : '#2ECC40'}); /* Multiple style */ 
11 Feb 2018
2   $(this).css({"backgroundColor" : "blue"});
25 Jun 2019
03 Jan 2018
2  $("div").mouseover(function(){$(this).css("color","blue")
3   $("div").mouseover(function(){$(this).css("color","black")
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