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22 Aug 2017
1#include <stdlib.h>
3void *malloc(size_t size);
5void exemple(void)
7  char *string;
9  string = malloc(sizeof(char) * 5);
10  if (string == NULL)
11    return;
12  string[0] = 'H';
13  string[1] = 'e';
14  string[2] = 'y';
15  string[3] = '!';
16  string[4] = '\0';
17  printf("%s\n", string);
18  free(string);
21/// output : "Hey!"
10 Oct 2018
1int main(int argc, char *argv[])
3    int* memoireAllouee = NULL;
5    memoireAllouee = malloc(sizeof(int));
6    if (memoireAllouee == NULL) // Si l'allocation a échoué
7    {
8        exit(0); // On arrête immédiatement le programme
9    }
11    // On peut continuer le programme normalement sinon
13    return 0;
15 Nov 2016
1// Let's allocate enough space on the heap for an array storing 4 ints
3intArray = (int *) malloc(4 * sizeof(int)); // A pointer to an array of ints
5intArray[0] = 10;
6intArray[1] = 20;
7intArray[2] = 25;
8intArray[3] = 35;
25 Oct 2020
1#include <stdlib.h>
2int main(){
3int *ptr;
4ptr = malloc(15 * sizeof(*ptr)); /* a block of 15 integers */
5    if (ptr != NULL) {
6      *(ptr + 5) = 480; /* assign 480 to sixth integer */
7      printf("Value of the 6th integer is %d",*(ptr + 5));
8    }
10 Jul 2020
1ptr = (cast_type *) malloc (byte_size);
05 Jul 2018
1Example: ptr = (int *) malloc (50)
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