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04 Sep 2018
1#include <stdio.h>#include <conio.h>long factorial (int n){    if (n==0)    return 1;    else    return (n * factorial(n-1)); //recursion}void main(){    int number;    long fact;    printf("Enter a number: ");    scanf("%d", &number);    fact = factorial(number);    printf("The factorial of %d is %ld!\n", number, fact);    getch();}
10 Sep 2020
1/*C program to convert number from decimal to binary*/
3#include <stdio.h>
5int main()
7    int     number,cnt,i;
8    int     bin[32];
10    printf("Enter decimal number: ");
11    scanf("%d",&number);
13    cnt=0;              /*initialize index to zero*/
14    while(number>0)
15    {
16        bin[cnt]=number%2;
17        number=number/2;
18        cnt++;
19    }
21    /*print value in reverse order*/
22    printf("Binary value is: ");
23    for(i=(cnt-1); i>=0;i--)
24        printf("%d",bin[i]);
26    return 0;
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