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25 Nov 2018
1The HTML <br> tag is used to make a break in lines.
2it could be used in a list command, like so:
4<p2>This is my list. <br>
5  	The tag makes a break <br>
6  	Very helpful. <br><p2>
8The tag is very helpful, and it makes things look much cleaner.
9To use it, just put it at the end, it is a very simple-to-use tag.
24 Nov 2016
01 Sep 2019
4display: none;
25 Nov 2020
2<p>I want to <br> Break this line! </p>
3<p>I want to <br><br> Break this line and want to give a line gap </p>
30 Apr 2018
2<h1>A line break</h1>
4<h1>Another line break</h1>
31 Nov 2017
1the <br> tag adds a break in lines. It can be used anywhere you want.
3<p>It works <br> here</p>
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