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05 Apr 2017
1import java.util.ArrayList;
10 Nov 2020
1import java.util.ArrayList;
2public class ArrayListExample
4   public static void main(String[] args)
5   {
6      int num = 14;
7      // declaring ArrayList with initial size num
8      ArrayList<Integer> al = new ArrayList<Integer>(num);
9      // append new element at the end of list
10      for(int a = 1; a <= num; a++)
11      {
12         al.add(a);
13      }
14      System.out.println(al);
15      // remove element at index 7
16      al.remove(7);
17      // print ArrayList after deletion
18      System.out.println(al);
19      // print elements one by one
20      for(int a = 0; a < al.size(); a++)
21      {
22         System.out.print(al.get(a) + " ");
23      }
24   }
27 Aug 2018
1import java.util.List; //list abstract class
2import java.util.ArrayList; //arraylist class
4//Object Lists
5List l = new ArrayList();
6ArrayList a = new ArrayList();
8//Specialized List
9List<String> l = new ArrayList<String>();
10ArrayList<Integer> a = new ArrayList<Integer>();
11//only reference data types allowed in brackets <>
13//Initial Capacity
14List<Double> l = new ArrayList<Double>(5);
15//list will start with a capacity of 5
16//saves allocation times
23 Jan 2017
1import java.util.ArrayList;
2ArrayList<Integer> myList = new ArrayList<Integer>();
4myList.remove(0);//Remove at index 0
6myList.get(0);//Return element at index 0
10 Aug 2017
1ArrayList<String> languages = new ArrayList<String>(); 
5ArrayList<int> numbers = new ArrayList<int>(); 
16 Jun 2017
1// Assign to list variable directly with STREAM FILTER METHID
2ArrayList<String> filteredColors = (ArrayList<String>) -> x.contains("o")).collect(Collectors.toList());
4// Clone and remove unwanted(TRADITIONAL FILTERING)
5filteredColors = (ArrayList<String>) colors.clone();
6filteredColors.removeIf(x -> !x.contains("o"));
8// Find specific element -> x.contains("ora")).findFirst().get();
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