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02 Jan 2017
1// (param1, param2, paramN) => expression
3// ES5
4var multiplyES5 = function(x, y) {
5  return x * y;
8// ES6
9const multiplyES6 = (x, y) => { return x * y };
29 Jun 2018
1//Anonymous function; It's not assigned to an indentifier
3Array.forEach((arguments) => {
4	//This is an anonymous function
7function forEach(arguments) {
8	//This is NOT an anonymous function
30 Sep 2018
1// Arrow functions
2// ES6 introduced arrow function expression that provides a shorthand for declaring anonymous functions:
4// For example, this function:
6let show = function () {
7    console.log('Anonymous function');
9// Code language: JavaScript (javascript)
10// … can be shortened using the following arrow function:
12let show = () => console.log('Anonymous function');
13let show = (variable) => { /* code */ }
14// Code language: JavaScript (javascript)
15// Similarly, the following anonymous function:
17let add = function (a, b) {
18    return a + b;
20// Code language: JavaScript (javascript)
21// … is equivalent to the following arrow function:
23let add = (a, b)  => a + b;   
07 Jan 2018
1// Regular function, called explicitly by name .aka “named function”
2function multiply(a, b){
3	var result = a * b; 
4	console.log(result);
6multiply(5, 3);
8// Anonymous function stored in variable. 
9// Invoked by calling the variable as a function
10// Anonymous functions don't have a name, 
11// so the parentheses appears right after “function” keyword.
12var divided = function() {
13	var result = 15 / 3;
14	console.log("15 divided by 4 is "  + result);
18// Immediately Invoked Function Expression.
19// Immediately invoked function expressions are anonymous functions 
20// with another parentheses pair at the end to trigger them, 
21// all wrapped inside parentheses.
22// Runs as soon as the browser finds it: 
23(function() {
24	var result = 20 / 10;
25	console.log("20 divided by 10 is " + result);
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