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21 Jan 2020
2@keyframes animatename{
3  0%{
4    transform: translateY(3px);
5  }
6  100%{
7    transform: translateY(-3px);
8  }
11  animation: animatename 1s linear infinite;
12  /* animation shorthand */
13  animation: animation-name animation-duration animation-direction animation-iteration-count
24 May 2020
1<style> {
3  width: 100%;
4  height: 100%;
5  animation: tween-color 5s infinite;
8@keyframes tween-color {
9  0% {
10    background-color: red;
11  }
12  50% {
13    background-color: green;
14  }
15  100% {
16    background-color: red;
17  }
21body {
22  height: 100%;
27	<div class="my-element"></div>
08 Jan 2019
1animation: name time func delay iteration dir fill play;
2animation: none 0s ease 0s 1 normal none running;
15 Mar 2017
2background-color: purple;
5@keyframes party{
6    0% {background-color: red;}
7    10% {background-color: orange;}
8    20% {background-color: yellow;}
9    30% {background-color: green;}
10    40% {background-color: blue;}
11    50% {background-color: purple;} 
14@-webkit-keyframes party{
15    0% {background-color: red;}
16    10% {background-color: orange;}
17    20% {background-color: yellow;}
18    30% {background-color: green;}
19    40% {background-color: blue;}
20    50% {background-color: purple;} 
05 Jan 2017
1function party(){
2 = 'party 2.5s infinite linear';
04 Apr 2018
2  <body id="bd">
3    <button onclick="party()">Press Me!</button>
4  </body>
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