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17 Sep 2018
1<div *ngIf="isLoggedIn; else loggedOut">
2  Welcome back, friend.
5<ng-template #loggedOut>
6  Please friend, login.
16 Aug 2019
1<div *ngIf="condition; else elseBlock">Content to render when condition is true.</div>
2<ng-template #elseBlock>Content to render when condition is false.</ng-template>
25 Jun 2017
2        content_copy
4      <div *ngIf="condition; then thenBlock else elseBlock"></div>
5<ng-template #thenBlock>Content to render when condition is true.</ng-template>
6<ng-template #elseBlock>Content to render when condition is false.</ng-template>
23 Nov 2019
2  *ngIf="isLoggedIn; then loggedIn; else loggedOut">
5<ng-template #loggedIn>
6  <div>
7    Welcome back, friend.
8  </div>
10<ng-template #loggedOut>
11  <div>
12    Please friend, login.
13  </div>
12 Aug 2017
1<div *ngIf="condition">
10 Oct 2017
1<label *ngIf="1==1" > show Label when condition is true </label>
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