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23 Jul 2019
1<!DOCKTYPE html> <!-- Start of coding page -->
2<html> <!-- Start of html coding -->
3  <head> <!-- Start of head -->
4    <title>TITLE<title> <!-- Title -->
5    <script>
6      //JavaScript
7    </script>
8    <style>
9      /* CSS */
10    </style>
11  </head> <!-- End of head -->
12  <body> <!-- Start of body -->
13    <div id='mydiv' style = "position:relative; left:0px; top:100px;">
14      Hello! 
15      <!-- Use that style tag to positions things, have a play around with it! -->
16    </div>
17  </body> <!-- End of body -->
18<html> <!-- End of html coding -->
19<!-- Add this line of code next to your id: 
21style = "position:relative; left:0px; top:100px;" 
23too let you position divs where you want them, you can even position
24them ontop of other divs! -->
15 Sep 2018
1top: 150px;
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