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14 May 2019
1<div class="calculator">
3  <input type="text" class="calculator-screen" value="" disabled />
5  <div class="calculator-keys">
7    <button type="button" class="operator" value="+">+</button>
8    <button type="button" class="operator" value="-">-</button>
9    <button type="button" class="operator" value="*">×</button>
10    <button type="button" class="operator" value="/">÷</button>
12    <button type="button" value="7">7</button>
13    <button type="button" value="8">8</button>
14    <button type="button" value="9">9</button>
17    <button type="button" value="4">4</button>
18    <button type="button" value="5">5</button>
19    <button type="button" value="6">6</button>
22    <button type="button" value="1">1</button>
23    <button type="button" value="2">2</button>
24    <button type="button" value="3">3</button>
27    <button type="button" value="0">0</button>
28    <button type="button" class="decimal" value=".">.</button>
29    <button type="button" class="all-clear" value="all-clear">AC</button>
31    <button type="button" class="equal-sign operator" value="=">=</button>
33  </div>
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