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09 Mar 2020
2  	// Start new or resume existing session.
3  	session_start();
5	// Add values to the session.
6	$_SESSION['item_name'] = 'value'; // string
7	$_SESSION['item_name'] = 0; // int
8	$_SESSION['item_name'] = 0.0; // float
10	// Get session values.
11	$value = $_SESSION['item_name'];
27 Feb 2019
2  // Start the session
3  session_start();
5<!DOCTYPE html>
7  <body>
8  <?php
9    // Set session variables
10    $_SESSION["color"]= "blue";
11    $_SESSION["animal"]= "dog";
12    echo "The session variable are set up.";
13  ?>
14  </body>
04 Jun 2018
2  // Start the session
3  session_start();
5  // Set session variables
6  $_SESSION["color"]= "blue";
7  $_SESSION["animal"]= "dog";
8  echo "The session variable are set up.";
10 Apr 2018
2// Destroy the currently active session.
21 Jan 2016
2   session_start();
3   $_SESSION['var'];
21 Jul 2020
1<form action="login.php" method="post">
2Dein Name: <br />
3<input type="Text" name="name" />
4<input type="Submit" />
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